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    The Beauty of Silk Wedding Flowers

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    Using the beauty of silk flowers and exquisite arrangements, Les Fleurs Julie will curate a true floral experience for your wedding day. Anchored with Love and Grace, your bouquet and decor will last anniversaries to come.

    Silk florals are no longer just a bride's economical choice, but an experience and a luxury. Design and arrangements are available at all price points.


    Your floral experience includes:
    Design and consultation
    Fast and reliable fulfillment
    Delivery and set up
    Affordable rates
    Peace of mind.


    Check your date with us today and see your floral dreams come true!

    Merci, Julie


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  • Floral Services


    Silk floral design and arrangement for your wedding ceremony; bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, flower balls, petals, aisle/pew, alter and vow backdrops

    Reception/After Party

    Les Fleurs Julie will put together and arrange centerpieces, special tables, venue design, flower walls, hanging ceiling pieces and any flower dream inbetween.

    Floral Arrangement

    This option includes arrangement only for the brides that already have their flowers and ideas! Les Fleurs Julie will take your instruction or supply you with arrangement and design plans to suite your floral wishes

    Floral Design

    Les Fleurs Julie offers the option of design services only. This includes working with you to define your likes and wishes and then providing you with a detailed outline of what flowers to utilize and arrangement plans.

  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does set up and delivery mean?

    Les Fleurs Julie will deliver your flowers and decor wherever you need them to be (exclusions apply)! Some brides choose to have their items exchanged prior to festivities. However, some brides love having them delivered directly to the venue/reception hall. Whatever you prefer, we will support your plan so that it is streamlined and easy! You will decide on your delivery time and location, and receive a call/text confirming delivery. Les Fleurs Julie will also set up your flowers/décor at the venue/reception location the day of the event..

    What will silk flowers cost me?

    There are many benefits to choosing silk flowers:

    *Cost effectiveness- They are hundreds of dollars cheaper than real flowers and always in season!

    *The ability to choose the flowers you have always dreamed of without worrying about overhead florist fees

    *They do not need refrigeration or water prior to, or during the ceremony

    *Will not wilt and are hardy for arrangements and creative decorating. They will withstand temperature variations and lighting.

    *Will last for anniversaries to come!


    Les Fleurs Julie offers a true floral experience using silk flowers to create your memories. Our prices are competitive and may vary depending on your wishes; your design/consultation session will provide you estimates and work to get you the most for your money. There are flowers for every price point, and our arrangement fee is affordable! There is a luxury in keeping your flowers for years to come, lending them to a friend, or re-selling them after the event if you choose. Speak with a designer today!

    Where do I get my flowers?

    Many brides purchase their flowers on their own at a variety of online websites and local retailers which your designer will direct you to. With this option, there is only an arrangement fee from Les Fleurs Julie. Should you choose, Les Fleurs Julie can order your flowers for you and work with your budget to get the most beautiful flowers available at your price point. Regardless of what you spend on them, they will look gorgeous! This choice includes flowers and an arrangement fee.

  • Pricing

    We are proud to offer affordable silk wedding flowers arrangements and decor throughout the Chippewa Valley without compromising luxury and beauty. Below you will find general information because we tailor all of our services to your special day. This means no two events are the same! Your quote may be less or more. Les Fleurs Julie prides itself on locating the perfect flowers within your budget and offers an affordable arrangement -only fee if you have already purchased your flowers. Your personal wedding quote will consider: Tier and price point of flowers ( They can be found at all price points!) Size of wedding party, ceremony decor, reception decor and extras. Please click Contact to connect with your designer and start pricing your floral dreams!

    Bride and Bridesmaids Bouquet; General estimates (Including arrangement and flowers)

    Bride: Starting at $50.00 Bridesmaids: Starting at $25.00

    Arrangement Only or Design Only

    This varies due to item




    See floral contract for more terms and conditions.

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